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Circle Fitness E+2.0

The Entertainment Plus console is the flagship console, boasting an extra-large touchscreen with most entertainment integration capabilities. It is truly a luxurious workout experience. This console gives the user access to CircleCloud Go, a wellness management eco-system featuring seamless integration of console, body analyzer, smartphone, and fitness apps. Entertainment is not a problem while exercising with this console. Digital TV is embedded with favorite channel selection and memory. The user also has the ability to surf the web thus providing an additional source of entertainment while working out.

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15.6 Inch Touchscreen (M7/E7/B8/R8)


WiFi, Bluetooth, Audio Jack, USB Charger


Digital TV, Android Compatibilty, Spotify, Facebook/Twitter, Web Surfing

CircleCloud Go

A comprehensive wellness eco-system aimed to deliver most effective body and fitness management.

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