Intenza 550 RBe2

Recumbent bikes can be ideal for people who struggle with upright bikes. Those with lower back issues, neck pain, reduced neck mobility, or other physical limitations may find recumbent bikes to be a comfortable and sustainable way to maintain their cardio goals. This bike option can also place less stress on wrists and elbows.

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Product Number: 550RBe2
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 160 x 70 x 124 cm (63 x 28 x 49 in.)
Product Weight: 103 kg (227 lb.)
User Weight: 181 kg (400 lb.)

InCare™ – InCare™ online automatically detects when service is needed and sends service diagnostic via WiFi.
Display Screen – 19(TE) inch wide with single LVDS with LED backlit. Resolution 1366 X 768 touchscreen monitor that operates like the smartphones and tablets exercisers use every day, providing exceptional viewing quality.  Users enjoy their own music, movies, TV, Virtual Reality courses from around the world or internet.

Smartphone Interaction – Wireless mirror imaging of both IOS and Android systems.
USB Connectivity – For customized workout, workout results, personal settings, multimedia, manual software upgrade
C-SAFE connectivity – Standard C-SAFE connectivity facilitates data transfer
Custom Settings – (1) display unit: Km or Mile (2) buzzer sound: on or off.  When USB is detected, users may customize (1) name (2) display unit (3) age (4) gender (5) weight (6) buzzer.  Smart machine will automatically prioritize personalized settings and workout routine when USB is detected
Biomechanics –  Seat adjustment precisely angled and 1/2″ incremental seat position allows user from 147cm(4’9″) to 193cm(6’5″) to adjust seat height for correct knee over pedal spindle position to endure correct lower body biomechanics to reduce pressure on knees and enhance rider comfort. Ratchet design for quick and easy seat height adjustment.
Seat – Elegant and intuitive, Intenza bike seats are designed to adjust easily using only one hand, left or right, in a seated position, for a refreshingly comfortable exercise experience.
Handlebars – Ergonomically designed handlebar with built in resistance controls for maximum comfort .
Pedals – Ergonomic oversized pedals with grip and integrated straps for quick adjustments and pedaling comfort.  Meets European EN957-5 standards for pedal safety bringing confidence to exercisers and facility owners alike
Bearings – High performance bottom bracket assembly with precision sealed ball bearing for exceptional performance
Frame – Robust frame structure designed to ensure stability and durability. Low cross over design allows for ease of getting on and off the bike. Aluminum components create visual appeal and durability against corrosion
Accessories Holder(s) – Yes
Transport Wheels – Yes


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