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Welcome To Legacy Fitness Products

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Fitness is a Service Industry.

The Fitness Equipment Industry Should Be Too.

In the fitness industry, where success is measured in inches and leadership is measured in results….

There’s no fudging it. You need to show people what you’ve done for them.
The fitness equipment industry is no different. Yes, we supply the best-designed and engineered fitness equipment on the planet. But like you, we win clients – and we keep them – only when we show them results.
Explore our site to experience our vast fitness equipment selection then contact us to experience a focus on service from people who know fitness

Who We Are

In The Fitness Business, Flexibility is as Important as Strength You know how it is. “Nothing beats Studio Cycling and Yoga.”….

A few months later, “Free weights and Pilates are the only way to go.” Changing trends mean fitness facilities need flexibility from their suppliers. And they need more than just superior quality.

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Service is the Legacy Fitness difference. With over 22 years in the fitness and fitness equipment industries, Legacy Fitness….

Vael Lindsey, understands what fitness facility operators are looking for – not just when they are buying equipment – but also when they are researching trends, training with clients and …
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Our Support

Legacy Fitness Products is proud of the research and development, design engineering and quality of fabrication..

provided by our manufacturers.  Though sadly we must admit that at some point in the life of your equipment repair may be required, Legacy Fitness Products is please to inform you that we are ….

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Its Time We Heard From You!

Legacy Fitness Products’ emphasis on customer relationship, partnership, service and expert consultation ensures you have the quality of experience you deserve. Contact us today!