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Xebex Air Ski

The Xebex Fitness Air Ski Trainer Eco is one the finest and most comprehensive ski simulators available. It’s designed to provide skiing-related exercises and gives several options for cardio as well as strength training. Compatible with 5khz chest belts. The Ski Trainer is suitable for both novice and experienced athletes who can all benefit from exercise variation, intensity, and total-body training.

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The console is designed for ease of use by all athletes. No need to toggle between various screens. All performance metrics are displayed on a single view: 500m Pace, Time, Pulse, Watts, Calories, Distance, Strokes, Resistance Levels. The console also allows for programming HIIT workouts.

The damper features 10 levels of air resistance so users can adjust the amount of drag to suit any ability and skill level.

The Econ console runs on battery power only, no adapter or plugging in required. Users can quickly adjust the screen’s angle for better viewing.

The ropes offer a long range of extension which allow users to work in a wide range of motion, from upper body to lower body. Perform total-body workouts to increase efficiency and save time.

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