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SMART Straps Body Weight Trainer

Smart Straps Body Weight Trainer is a great tool for people who want to tone their body. It is a low-impact exercise tool that can be done at home. Our signature Self-Guided program will keep you from wondering what to do with those dangling straps! The 12 Self-Guided exercises featured on the Smart Straps Body Weight Trainer provide a full body workout.

The pre-formed cuffs are a game changer when is comes to getting your feet into the straps. No more wrestling with floppy straps! Easily place your foot in the pre-formed cuffs either facing down or facing up to perform even more core and leg exercises!

The Smart Straps Body Weight Trainer offer versatility that other suspension trainers do not.  Two individual straps allow for changing anchor widths for desired difficulty levels and different exercises. A neutral spacing for the straps/anchors would be shoulder width apart. To make the movements slightly easier and stable, spread the anchors further apart so they are wider than neutral. For more instability and a greater challenge, bring the anchors close together.

The two separate straps can be secured in several ways.  Use the two door anchors to secure the straps anywhere! Toss over and loop tightly to a pole OR place them over a sturdy door, close, lock and you’re good to go.

Easily adjust strap length by simply tilting the buckle lever and sliding the strap to the desired length; this allows for quick exercise transitions. Match buckle placement on both straps for balanced exercises. Slide the slack manager towards the anchors to hold the excess strap up and out of the way during exercising.

Use the Strap Connector to join the two Smart Straps together and create free motion dynamic muscle balance and core intensification. This durable connection piece can be tossed over a pole, goal post, monkey bars or tree branch for exercising anywhere.

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