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BOSU Ballast Ball


The BOSU? Ballast? Ball is like no other ball in the gym. This ball has a six-sided surface design for proper alignment and positioning. It also has 2.5 lbs. of multi-dimensional load (ballast) which keeps it from wandering during your workout. The BOSU? Ballast? Ball provides a fun, visual effect and audible feedback during lifting, shifting and shaking exercises. With the BOSU? Ballast? Ball, individuals can perform exercise progressions and dynamic drills that are not possible on a regular exercise ball. Use it like an exercise ball, slam ball, or multidimensional load.


High-quality, latex-free, burst-resistant material
1 year limited warranty
Available in translucent light blue ? Holds up to 136 kg (300 lbs.)
Diameter: Inflate between 55 cm and 65 cm
Weight: 2.95 kg (6.5 lbs.)
digital owner?s manual included
Inflation Range: 55-65cm
Air compressor or needle nose pump required for inflation.


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