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Smart Medicine Balls

Smart Medicine Balls are a staple in many functional fitness routines. The weighted center forces you to use different muscle groups to keep the body stable when you throw, bounce or twist with the ball. This really maximizes your workout! They can be used for a variety of exercises including crunches, squats, and pushups. They are also great for toning your abdominal muscles and improving balance. Smart Medicine Balls are great for building strength in your arms, shoulders, chest and core. They are also great for improving balance, coordination and power! The medicine balls are perfect to add as a supplement to your workout routine at home or in the gym. Follow along with our Self-guided Exercises! The Smart Medicine Ball features 8 exercises embed on the ball so your next workout is already prepared!

Smart Medicine Ball Available Sizes:

  • 4lb – Yellow
  • 6lb – Orange
  • 8lb – Green
  • 10lb – Blue
  • 15lb – Purple
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