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Intenza Escalate 450 Ci2

Elevate your performance and take the stairs with Intenza’s 450 Series Escalate Stairclimber.  Framing its pure minimal design, the new Hard Black colourway brings a new energy to the gym.  Twenty adjustable step—heights between 10—19.5 cm (4—7.7”) and inclines from 20—40° consolidate this piece of equipment as the ultimate cardio powerhouse, but in shaping this product’s identity, we invite exercisers to step off the machine into the sky with our exclusive Landmark Program.

Tower running, or vertical marathons, have seen a recent boom with world championships taking place, where runners accumulate points for running up certain towers across on the tower—running world tour as fast as they can.  Providing a full—body cardio workout, as well as strength and endurance training, Intenza’s Landmark Program does double duty by offering advanced training for speed and power whilst keeping workout options fresh with a good dose of fun with 31 world—wide landmark towers to climb (or train for).

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Foot Print

L x W: 193 x 86cm (76 x 33.8″)

Product Dimensions

L x W x H (20 Degree): 193 x 86 x 213cm (76 x 33.8 x 83.8″)

Product Net Weight

i2 Series: 318kg (701 lbs)
i2S Series: 316kg (696 lbs)

Shipping Dimensions

L x W x H: 220 x 96.5 x 163.5cm (86.6 x 37.9 x 64.3″)

Shipping Gross Weight

i2 Series: 414kg (912 lbs)
i2S Series: 412kg (908 lbs)

Intenza Ci2 Product Sheet

Intenza i2 Console Notes


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