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CoreFX Slam Ball

Get a slammin’ workout anywhere with the Slam Ball from COREFX! COREFX Slam Ball is engineered to build explosive strength and mental resilience workout after workout. With an impact-absorbing core, the Slam Ball is suited for beginners to more experienced athletes. It can be used by individuals looking for some light workouts after a long day on the slopes or for more serious athletes seeking some explosive strength training! Slam balls are a form of medicine ball that can be used for athletic training for almost any sport - MMA, football, wrestling, or just general athletic training. Slam Balls can help you enhance your cardiovascular endurance, increase muscle mass and help improve hand-eye coordination. The Slam Ball is perfect for getting rid of excess energy and pent-up frustration.

Weight 2.27 lb Dimensions 9  9  9 in Size 5 LB, 8 LB, 10 LB, 15 LB, 20 LB, 25 LB, 30 LB, 35 LB


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