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COREFX Braided Battle Rope

Your workout just got more effective, efficient, and fun with this Braided Battle Rope! The ideal combination of fun and fitness, our Braided Battle Rope will fill the space between your favorite exercises! The battle rope is an awesome training tool designed to help you build muscle, burn fat, and dramatically improve your total-body strength. The COREFX Braided Battle Ropes are a simple tool that virtually anyone can use, providing you with an efficient, low-impact workout that works all your muscles at once – including your grip strength. The Battle Rope will help to dramatically increase strength, explosiveness, endurance and overall cardio and conditioning, fast. The goal here is to always keep the rope moving, so you’re constantly engaging your legs, upper body and core muscles – while you burn loads of calories. This constant motion adds an explosive and dynamic aspect to your workout that you just don’t get with traditional weight training. It is 1.5-Inch in diameter and comes in two different lengths 30 ft (15 LB) and 50 ft (23 LB).

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