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Smart Self Guided Commercial Package

Smart Compact Self-Guided Commercial Package is easy to access and requires minimum floor space while providing must have fitness equipment! It was designed for facilities. This package includes a compact stand that organizes all your equipment, making it easy to use and store. The self-guided feature ensures a safe and effective workout every time. It has it all, pleasing to the eye, well organized, commercial quality, and budget friendly.

Smart Compact Self-Guided Commercial Package includes the following:

(1) Smart Mat, 6mm (Green)
(1) Smart Mat, 6mm (Yellow)
(1) Smart Medicine Ball, 6lb (Orange)
(1) Smart Medicine Ball, 8lb (Green)
(1) Smart Stability Ball, 65cm (Green)
(2) Smart Speed Jump Ropes
(1) Smart Compact Storage Tower

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      • Smart Compact Self-Guided Commercial Package Tower is a well-rounded functional training workout. It is able to hold:
        • 2 med balls
        • 1 stability balls
        • 2 yoga mats
        • 2 jump ropes 
      • Package includes Prism’s SMART products.
        • SMART products have self-guided exercises printed on each piece.
        • Plus, our self-guided commercial package is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape – it’s easy to use and offers a variety of exercises to choose from.
        • In other words, it’s great for both supervised and unsupervised rooms.
      • Aesthetically pleasing design is both appealing to the eye while also extremely functional. Functional design invites users to easily retrieve desire equipment and return it when finished.
      • Tower also sold separately
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