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Echelon CSM

One Machine

Countless Workouts.

Growing library of exercise movement patterns

23.8 Class embedded HD Touchscreen Smart Resistance controls built into handle grips & straight bar

Interchangeable smart accessories for workout variety

Resistance adjustment at user’s fingertips (Straight bar)

Conveniently placed accessory storage

110 lbs. Per arm

Handle Grips and Straight bar battery required 3V CR2032

Floor Mounted

4 Interchangeable smart accessories > Handle Grips, Straight Bar, Rope Grip, Ankle Straps

Rear Storage Rack

Weight 324 lbs (147 kg)

Product dimensions

  • Arms Open 87.4″ x 51.2″ x 92.5″
  • Arms Closed 55.12″ x 38.6″ x 74.41″


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