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CoreFX Muscle Activator

Are you slowing down because your joints or muscles are sore? Well, not anymore! This innovative and patented device is designed to deliver pressure into the soft tissues of the back, or generalize it to nearby or distant muscles! Myofascial trigger points are extremely irritable spots in the fascia around skeletal muscle, and are related to deep knots in stiff bands of muscle fibers. The COREFX Muscle Activator features a 3” size massage ball that easily reaches smaller muscle areas, letting you utilize the grooves to shear apart any stiff muscle fibers that have become bunched together.

Recover faster
After strenuous exercise, muscle fibers need some care to help them achieve their maximum potential. The Muscle Activator has a unique ergonomically formed surface that reaches tense muscles, creating optimal pressure to target deep trigger points to break up knots and restore mobility.
Improved performance
Keep your muscles loose and limber with COREFX Muscle Activator. The unique, muscle-shearing tread pattern is designed to work out knots that even skilled masseuses have a hard time reaching.
Using the COREFX Muscle Activator, you can break up knots, stimulate circulation, and restore mobility in nearly any muscle group, including your glutes, thighs, chest, calves, feet, shoulders, and upper/lower back.
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