Octane Fitness – Max Trainer

Introducing the newest, boldest HIIT machine that fuels major motivation and powerful results in functional training, small group workouts and the cardio floor. With no adjustments, a motivating calorie meter and immediate transitions from zero to all-out, the new Max Trainer® machine delivers ultra-efficient metabolic conditioning – along with the valuable afterburn of HIIT.

Exercisers take on 14-minute total-body challenges that are equally intense and satisfying, for fast and fierce workouts that scream accomplishment. Research shows that Max Interval users may burn up to 43% more calories than those using a rower, and up to 26% more calories than those using a standing elliptical, both at a self-pace. Grueling but addictive, this unique total-body hybrid climber helps drive membership sales and retention, while firing up your facility.


• MAX 14: 14-minute workout
• High-velocity fan
• Fan and magnetic brake resistance
• Quick on and off transitions
• No adjustments required
• Instant resistance change
• 9″ (23cm) stride height
• Small footprint
• Intuitive console
• Calorie burn meter provides extra motivation
• Ultra-efficient, effective workouts
• Ideal for circuit training, small group or steady state cardio


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