CYBEX VR1 DUALS Seated Leg Curl / Leg Extension

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  • Provides the feel and positioning of the single station units in the duals format.
  • Adjustable start positioning accommodates or individual differences in extension and flexion for full range of motion.
  • Back pad is angled 100° from seat bottom to relieve hamstring tension.
  • Thigh stabilization pad for leg curl movement provides significantly reduced shear at the knee as compared to other methods resulting in less stress on the posterior cruciate ligament for a safer, more effective movement.
  • Adjustable tibia and back pad adjust to accommodate individual height differences.
  • Available with optional increment weight.

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66" (168cm) L x 41" (104 cm) W x 62" (1157 cm) H


145 lb. (65 kg) Standard Stack, 100 Ibs. (45 kg) Light Stack


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