CYBEX EAGLE NX Seated Leg Curl

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# 11061 (Start RLD), 11060 (Total RLD)

  • Standard starting position Range Limiting Device maintains integrity of force curve while providing adjustment for appropriate starting position.
  • Starting positions provided every 10°.
  • Back pad is angle 100° from seat bottom to relieve hamstring tension.
  • Back pad is one hand adjustable from user seated position.
  • Available with Total Range limiting.
  • Range Limiting Device maintains integrity of force curve.
  • Adjustable locking tibia pad.
  • Offset input arm allows for tibia pad adjustment without affecting the starting angle of the knee.
  • Starting and end positions provided every 10 ° and phased by 5°.

Additional information

Product Number

11061 – Start RLD, 11060 – Total RLD


45" (114 cm) W x 64" (163 cm) L x 58" (147 cm) H


565 lb. (257 kg), 205 lb. (93 kg) weight stack


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