Airdyne Pro Cycle Cross Trainer

With a long heritage of innovation and performance, the Schwinn Airdyne bike is a classic workhorse that has delivered superior cardio workouts for decades, making it one of the most popular traditional fitness machines in history.

And now, this breakthrough fan technology has been precisely refined for greater challenge and customized intensity for today’s exercisers. This ultra-durable gym mainstay withstands the toughest sweat sessions on cardio floors, in small group training, in functional training workouts and at specialty fitness studios.


• 26-blade performance fan
• Performance drive system
• Single-stage belt for instant activation
• Smooth motion
• HIIT training
• Calibration technology
• Essential workout stats and tachometer
• Moisture-repellent, double-coated steel body construction
• Biomechanically correct positioning
• Fore/aft seat and height adjustments
• Oversized, cushioned seat
• Anti-slip, triple-sided foot pegs
• Cordless operation


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